John L. Casti 2003. The One True Platonic Heaven. A scientific fiction on the limits of knowledge. Washington D.C.: John Henry Press, 160 pp.

It is not clear what advantage the author hoped to achieve by inserting gratuitous invented dialogue into a history of a key period in the development of quantum mechanics. For example, who would find an account of the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paper is improved by pretending that Einstein’s wife might have said to him

You need a rest, Albert. I’ve brought you a nice glass of warm milk and a biscuit. …

There are dozens of far better places to look on non-fiction shelves for accounts of what Einstein, Gödel, von Neuman et al. at did at Princeton. George Dyson’s Turing’s Cathedral, for one. This book has nothing to offer other than being very short.