Carlo Rovelli. 2020. There are places in the world where rules are less important than kindness. Translated by Erica Segre and Simon Carnell. Allen Lane. 220 pp.

Essays, mostly previously published as newspaper articles and the like. The first few weren’t uniformly interesting although they do add to the image of Carlo Rovelli as a true child of the 1960s.

The most intersting include Dante, Einstein and the Three-Sphere in which it is explained that Dante used the same geometric shape for his Paradiso as Einstein proposed for the geometry of the universe. Dante may have been inspired by the Baptistry ceiling.

Also good to read The many errors of Einstein (you can’t make omlettes without breaking eggs).

Others pointed to books that I’ll now either try to read or at least am glad to know about: Roger Penrose The Road to Reality, Ananyo Bhattacharya The Man from the Future, Roy Rappaport Ritual and Religion in the Making of Humanity, David Lewis On the Plurality of Worlds.

A thoughtfull collection of essays including a few to revisit.