Jonathan C. Slaght 2020. Owls of the Eastern Ice. The quest to find and save the world’s largest owl. Harper Collins: London, 416 pp.

Day by day type account of extreme field work, in winter in Primorye Province in far eastern Russia, to conduct ecological research on Blakiston’s fish owl. To shelve alaongside Mike Tomkies. Memorable for the formidable obstacles searching for owls and owl nests in the winter, and equal tenacity and endurance drinking vodka and cheaper alcohols so as to bond with locals. A spectacular landscape and a formidable owl, but from the photos the riverside habitat of nesting owls is often quite scrubby, disturbed and unattractive. The last short but informative chapter summarises in a few pages what the author learned about range size, habitat etc - and many relatively simple adjustments that forestry operations etc can make to land use.